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Given the significant development of the EU and its role in the world, it is urgently required for Japan to establish fundamental infrastructure to provide advanced knowledge concerning, and produce academic and business experts on the Union. Along with a more dynamic political and economic integration process, the EU has been expanding its own presence through its normative power in international politics and world economy as a counterbalance to the United States. Such structural transformation calls for systematic analysis on the European integration.

Necessity of the University Collaboration

There has been no undergraduate and graduate course exclusively focusing on EU Studies in Japan. Our mission is to create a systematic curriculum on EU Studies to meet this need, and to provide human resources with the requisite advanced knowledge.

Necessity of the establishment of a joint graduate school of EU higher education and research

  1. Continuous enlargement and deepening of the EU
  2. Increasing use of Euro in world financial market
  3. Growing influence of EU standards in global issues
  4. Prospects for regional integration in Asia

The number of students in the EU courses (undergraduate)

Hitotsubashi University: *EUIJ certificates the accomplishment of EU courses * International Sociology 1 and the International Society and Culture were not offered in 2007
Keio University: *Offered only at Mita campus *No data for the courses which were not offered


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