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Hitotsubashi and Keio will be able to conduct wider and more advanced research by combining potential knowledge and resources of the two universities.
This collaboration is especially effective in the field of EU Studies which require broader perspectives and multi disciplinary knowledge in Economics, Law, History, Sociology and Political Science.
Creation of a joint graduate school will promise ever more advanced research on the EU in Japan. It will bring multiple benefits by making maximum use of the remarkable achievements and various networks in EU Studies which both Hitotsubashi and Keio have accomplished.
Furthermore, the two universities have been producing Japanese leaders in politics, business, and civil society for more than a century. This fact will enable and promote effective cooperation with various entities in Japan which demand leaders with more global perspectives.
This collaboration between a national university (Hitotsubashi) and a private university (Keio) will also be the first attempt to establish a model for the future of university administration in Japan.


  1. Cultivation of future global leaders in research and practice
  2. Truly international education and research
  3. Results that may rank among European EU education and research organisations
  4. Construction of a word-class network of knowledge and people
  5. Function as an internationally known education and research base
  6. Operate as a thinktank that contributes to the politics, economy and society of Japan


Research and Education

  1. Promoting EU Studies in Japan at a world-class level
  2. Guaranteeing students highly professional and practical learning opportunities
  3. Offering a multi-disciplinary curriculum on EU Studies in Japan

Social Benefits

  1. Providing information about the EU to Japanese society
  2. Enhancing mutual understanding between the EU and Japan
  3. Cultivating future leaders in politics, business and civil society

Message from H.E. Ambassador Hugh Richardson, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan

I would like to congratulate Hitotsubashi University and Keio University which started a programme to establish the Joint Graduate School on EU Studies through their epoch-making collaboration. I am convinced that this new Joint Graduate School will contribute to strengthen the relationship between Japan and the EU. I am looking forward to this Joint Graduate School offering a world’s top class Master's and PhD programme, which will be the base of EU Studies in Asia.

Ambassador Hugh Richardson
Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Japan


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