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January 25, 2010 【Seminar / Symposium / Lecture】

The First Japan-Korea (3+3) Graduate Students Workshop on EU Affairs, 8-10 February 2010, Keio University

We will collaborate in hosting the First Japan-Korea (3+3) Graduate Students Workshop on EU Affairs, with the EUSI (EU Studies Institute in Tokyo) from 8 to 10 February 2010 (Mon-Wed), in Keio University.

The First Japan-Korea (3+3) Graduate Students Workshop on EU Affairs

Date: 8-10 February 2010
Venue: The Conference Hall, 8F, the East Building, Mita Campus, Keio University (access information)
Admission: Free
Official Language: English

Organised by: EUSI (European Union Studies Institute in Tokyo)
Supported by: Keio-Hitotsubashi Support Project for Strategic University Collaborations
In Association with: EUIJ Kansai, EUIJ Waseda, Seoul National University-KIEP EU Center, Yonsei-SERI EU Centre, Pusan National University EU Center

2/8 (Mon)
09:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:30 Addresses by Organizers
  Prof. TANAKA, Toshiro (Director, EUSI and Keio University)
  Prof. KO Sangtu (Director, Yonsei-SERI EU Centre)
  Prof. YI Chae-Deug (Director, PNU EU Center)
  Mr. Rudie Filon (Head of Press, Public and Cultural Affairs Section, Delegation of the European Union to Japan

10:30-12:00 Session 1 : The EU & Neighbouring Countries
  Chair: Prof. YI Chae-Deug (Director, PNU EU Center)
   AYHAN, Kadir (International Cooperation, GSIS, SNU)
   "EU Negotiation under AKP Government"
   IVANENKO, Anastasia (International Cooperation, MA Course, PNU)
   "Russia's Current Identity in State Foreign Policy towards the EU"

13:00-15:15 Session 2 : Global Governance
  Chair: Prof. KIM Nam-Kook (Political Science, CGIS, SNU)
   JEON Soo-Min (International Cooperation, PhD Course, PNU)
   "The Role of the European Union in Development Assistance and Aid Effectiveness"
   LEE Sang Hun (European Area Studies, GSIS, SNU)
   "The Relations of ESDP-NATO and its Implication for East Asia"
   INOOKA, Hiroshi (Researcher, Keio University)
   "EU Non-Proliferation Policy against the Second North Korean Nuclear Crisis"

15:30-18:00 Session 3 : Transnational Issues
  Chair: Prof. KIM JongBub (Political Science, GSIS, SNU)
   HAN Jee Hwe (School of Law, MA Program, Yonsei University)
   "Green Protectionism"
   MUN Yeo-Joung (International Cooperation, MA Course, PNU)
   "EU's Migration Policy and its Effectiveness on Economic Growth"
   KUGA, Kimiko (Graduate Student, PhD Course, Keio University)
   "Framing Discourses on Anti-Trafficking in Human Beings in the UK: An Analysis of the Debates in Joint-Committee on Human Rights 2005-06"

2/9 (Tue)
10:00-11:30 Session 4 : History
  Chair: Prof. SUGISAKI, Takamoto (Tsuda College)
   KUDO, Mei (Researcher, Institute of International & Cultural Studies, Tsuda College)
   "Embedded Liberalism and European Integration in the 1950's"
   HAYASHI, Daisuke (Graduate Student, PhD Course, Keio University)
   "Diplomatic Relations between European States and the People's Republic of China: The Case Study of Recognition of the Government"

13:00-15:30 Session 5 : Economics I
  Chairs: Prof. OGAWA, Eiji (Deputy Director, EUSI and Hitotsubashi University)
  Chairs: Prof. KAJI, Sahako (Economics, Keio University)
   YOSHIMI, Taiyo (Graduate Student, PhD Course, Hitotsubashi University)
   "The Effects of Financial Integration on Structural Similarity: Consumption Risk-sharing and Specialization"
   LEE Yurimi (European Area Studies, GSIS, SNU)
   "Reserve Pooling and Asian Monetary Integration: Implications from ECB"
   JUNG Kyongchae (Economics, MA Program, Yonsei University)
   "Asset Prices, Inflation and Monetary Policy in Europe"
   CHOI Youngmin (Economics, MA Program, Yonsei University)
   "Influence of the ECB's Monetary Policy in the Euro Area"

15:45-18:00 Session 6 : Economics II
  Chair: Prof. KUBO, Hiromasa (Kobe University, President, EUIJ Kansai)
   PETRIC, Alina Nona (PhD Candidate, Kobe University)
   "Corporate Governance in the EU-10 and Japanese FDI"
   KIM Hye-Jeong (International Trade, MA Course, PNU)
   "Influence of Location Factors on Foreign Direct Investment: Economic-, Environmental-and Culture-related Consideration of Korean Multinational Firms in Europe"
   WOO Han-Soun (International Trade, MA Course, PNU)
   "Europe and Global Strategy Innovation"

2/10 (Wed)
09:30-12:00 Session 7 : Democracy & European Parliament
  Chair: Prof. KO Sangutu (Director, Yonsei-SERI EU Centre)
   HA, Myeongshin (Graduate Program in Area Studies, PhD program, Yonsei University)
   "The 2009 European Parliament Elections in Germany"
   JUNG Sa-Rang (European Area Studies, GSIS, SNU)
   "A Democratic Deficit, European Constitution, and a Vision of a Federal Europe"
   LEE Minseok (European Area Studies, GSIS, SNU)
   "European Parliament after the Lisbon Treaty: Changes in its Role and Power"

13:00-14:30 Session 8 : Visions of Europe
  Chair: Prof. PARK Sun-Hee (International Relations, GSIS, SNU)
   PASSONI, Viviana (International Cooperation, GSIS, SNU)
   "From Modern Power to Postmodern Example: The Evolution of Europe"
   FUKUI, Eijiro (Graduate Student, PhD Course, Keio University)
   "Political Faces of Europe and US in Japan: From the Perspective of Perceptions Studies"

14:30-15:00 Closing Ceremony
  Prof. KIM JongBub (Political Science, GSIS, SNU)
  Prof. TANAKA, Toshiro (Director, EUSI and Keio University)