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April 09, 2010 【Seminar / Symposium / Lecture】

Pre-Seminar Report: Mediterranean Frontiers: Borders, Conflict and Memory in a Transnational Era

As part of a pre-seminar series preceding the establishment of the Joint Graduate School on EU Studies, Dr. Dimitar Bechev led a seminar on January 27th, 2010.

Dr. Bechev is a Research Fellow in the European Studies Centre, St. Antony's College, at the University of Oxford, and is currently a Visiting Associate Professor at Hitotsubashi University.
His talk, which was largely based on his recent edited volumeMediterranean Frontiers: Borders, Conflict and Memory in a Transnational World,concerned the EU's policies toward the Mediterranean, including the most updated research outcomes in the field. During the Q&A session, there were active discussions concerning various related issues, such as the role of France in shaping EU policy towards the Mediterranean, and the EU's responses to Eastern European counties within the EU region. We are very happy to report that it was
truly a very productive seminar.

Dr. Bechev is now teaching a seminar, "EU and Eastern Europe," at the Graduate School of Law and the School of International and Public Policy at Hitotsubashi University, during the summer semester.

20100127-seminar photo1.jpg

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