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November 18, 2010 【Announcement,Seminar / Symposium / Lecture】

Pre-Seminar Report: "The European Parliament after the Treaty of Lisbon:What is expected to Japan in the Asian framework"

As part of a pre-seminar series preceding the establishment of the Joint Graduate School on EU Studies, Mr. Enrico D'Ambrogio of the European Parliament led a seminar entitled "The European Parliament after the Treaty of Lisbon: What is Expected of Japan in the Asian Framework" on October 26th, 2010.

After providing a detailed explanation on the roles of the European Parliament and other various institutions, Mr. D'Ambrogio pointed out that it was determined in the Treaty of Lisbon that at the EU level the citizens of the EU were directly represented by the European Parliament, and that this in turn strengthened the democratic legitimacy of the European Parliament. In addition, he made it clear that the Treaty of Lisbon treats the European Parliament as being an equally important legislative institution as the EU Commission. Moreover, he explained that while the general assembly and committee meetings of the European Parliament are normally held at Strasbourg, they could be held at Brussels as well depending on the situation. The Secretariat of the EU Commission is also located at Brussels, and issues pertaining to how the European Parliament has these two central regions were also discussed.

Mr. D'Ambrogio's report invited further questions concerning issues such as the enforcement of the democratic characteristics of the EU resulting from the strengthening of the European Parliament, as well as what the EU expects of Asia, and a lively discussion followed.